If you or someone you know is facing difficult circumstances, due to a natural disaster, financial struggles, health issues, or any other form of adversity, Tzu Chi volunteers around the world will strive to extend compassionate care to individuals and communities worldwide.

Location-Based Assistance: We assess your needs based on your location. Whether you're in a remote village, a bustling city, or somewhere in between, our volunteers are positioned across the globe to offer support.

Individualized Assistance: We recognize that every situation is unique. Tzu Chi works tirelessly to understand your specific circumstances and find tailored solutions to address your needs. While we strive to help where we can, please note that support is not always possible or feasible.

Inspiring Local Initiatives: We firmly believe that every community has the capacity to rally together and support its members during challenging times. You can also inspire local communities to initiate their own grassroots efforts to help those in need. By fostering a sense of unity, empathy, and shared responsibility, communities can make a significant impact.

With kindness and compassion, we all have the power to change the world. We invite you to take the first step in seeking help or reaching out for someone you care about. Together, we can overcome challenges, restore hope, and build a better future.