Charity: Guide the rich to help the poor; inspire the poor to realize their richness.

The goal of charity is to relieve suffering. This is not just about providing material support for the impoverished but also caring for the spiritual and emotional well-being of the recipient. To create a cycle of love and goodness, Master Cheng Yen shares with Tzu Chi volunteers the idea of “Guiding the rich to help the poor, inspiring the poor to realize their riches.” When the wealthy witness the suffering of those with less, they give rise to compassion and come to realize their blessings; and furthermore, experience the true joy of giving.

However, the act of giving and the joy it brings is not only a privilege of the wealthy. We believe that those who receive, also have the power to give; be it a single coin, a helping hand, or a kind thought and prayer for others. And it is with this cycle of love that we can create loving communities that can extend all across the globe.

Tzu Chi’s charitable efforts have now reached 136 countries/regions around the world, with volunteers permanently present in 68 countries/regions. The work carried out includes long-term care to underprivileged individuals and families, short-term aid to those affected by disasters, construction of homes, schools and other facilities, as well as providing livelihood training to give them the means to become independent.