While the homeless had their means, Polish Tzu Chi volunteer Lukasz took the chance to introduce Tzu Chi’s eco-friendly blankets made of PET bottles. | Photo by Monica Chang 

Tzu Chi volunteers in Poland teamed up with the Sisters of Charity to aid 224 homeless people as the winter chill set in. Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, these volunteers have consistently lent support to Ukrainian refugees alongside the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth. On World Day of the Poor, they once more extended their hands, providing warm meals and blankets to those in need.

On a cold winter night, nearly a hundred homeless people sought warmth and shelter at soup kitchen operated by the Sisters of Charity. | Photo by Monica Chang

Gathering at the Sisters of Charity's soup kitchen, nearly a hundred homeless people found solace in hot meals, coffee, and tea. One touching scene saw a sister tenderly offering a bowl of hot soup to an elderly homeless man, expressing concern for their well-being in the harsh weather. Gratefully, the recipient expressed warmth not just from the soup, but from the care offered.

A homeless recipient immediately wrapped himself in the blankets with joy. | Photo by Monica Chang

Tzu Chi volunteers did not just assist with meal distribution; they also respectfully handed out warm blankets, adding another layer of comfort to combat the cold. The warmth was not just physical; it was evident in the embraces given by the volunteers and the sisters. This act of compassion transcends religious and ethnic boundaries, bringing a touch of warmth to the bitter cold of winter.