On December 18, a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in Gansu claimed 149 lives. Local people were left to grapple with sub-zero temperatures and homelessness. In response, Tzu Chi volunteers promptly mobilized resources to deliver nine truckloads of cold-resistant supplies. They reached the affected areas of Jishi Shan County in Gansu (甘肅積石山縣), including the villages of Gaji (尕集村) and Meibo (梅波村).

Aid for the Gansu earthquake was sourced locally as well as from neighboring Sichuan province.

The first group of volunteers brought nine truckloads of winter relief supplies, arriving overnight in Jishi Shan County. | Image captured from Da Ai TV

The locally sourced aid, along with materials from neighboring Sichuan province, comprised essentials like blankets, scarves, and foldable beds, generously provided by DA.AI Technology Company in Sichuan. Additional supplies acquired locally in Gansu included tents, quilts, electric blankets, and coal stoves.

The first batch of rescue supplies, including winter relief items, was transported by nine trucks. This truck was loaded with coal stoves. | Images captured from Da Ai TV

Jishi Shan County in Gansu experienced temperatures below freezing. The initial nine truckloads of emergency relief carried coal stoves, coal, blankets, tents, and quilts—urgent necessities for the affected population. These supplies arrived in Jishi Shan County on the morning of December 22 and helped disaster-stricken residents to endure the harsh winter conditions.

Grateful villagers from Gaji Village expressed their thanks: "Tzu Chi Foundation has shown care for our village, providing much-needed supplies and support. We are immensely grateful for your assistance and concern."

Tzu Chi volunteer Chen Shu-qin (陳淑琴) shared her observations: "As we passed through, we witnessed fellow villagers living in makeshift tents, some even placing tarp over their own tractors. It's truly heartbreaking. We feel we might have arrived a bit late, seeing the longing in the eyes of the villagers. Our goal is to quickly distribute the supplies to them."

The supplies were a collection of love from many places. Volunteers loaded disaster relief materials. | Image captured from Da Ai TV

These relief efforts were a result of compassion from different regions, with volunteers from Chengdu (成都), Jintang(金堂), Deyang(德陽), Shifang(什邡), Luoshui(洛水), and other places in Sichuan and Gansu provinces uniting to give love and care. Together, they aimed to bring warmth and comfort to the affected villagers, hoping to alleviate the cold nights ahead.