Dharma Master De Ci (1934-2021), the first monastic disciple of Dharma Master Cheng Yen, passed away peacefully on May 26, at the age of 87.

Life Wisdom - Remembering Dharma Master De Ci (video)

“I’ll follow Master in walking the Bodhisattva Path life after life.” In her last words, she vowed to Master Cheng Yen.

“Ever since I took refuge in Master Cheng Yen in 1964, we’ve been working to support ourselves. This is a rule set by Master. At the same time, we’d begun our charity work. From 1964 until around 1991, we’d done 21 kinds of work to support ourselves.” Master De Ci once shared that many people had asked her if she ever wanted to give up difficult life and return home. “No. Beck then, I thought that becoming a monastic was a blessing. It was a good affinity and also a blessing for me to meet and follow Master. Although the labor work was difficult, I was filled with joy.” She replied.

"Ci" means loving-kindness in Chinese, and it was the impression that many people got when they first saw Master De Ci. At the Jing Si Abode, she greeted visitors warmly like a loving mother welcoming her children home. She even taught herself to paint, make ceramics, and published a book.

Her kindness will be remembered.