Source: Tzu Chi Monthly Issue 685

By Ling-Hui Chang, Changhua

Dr. Hung-Pin Wu (吳弘斌)| Photo by Ting-Han Lai | Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan | 2010/02/11

On the early morning of October 14, many eminent people gathered at the Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital in central Taiwan to pay tribute to Dr. Hung-Pin Wu, an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist who has left a lasting impact. It was almost 15 months to the day that my daughter had cochlear implant surgery under Dr. Wu's skilful hands.

Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital held a memorial ceremony to honor Dr. Hung-Pin Wu. |Photo by Ting-Han Lai | Taichung, Taiwan | 2023/10/14

I still recall Dr. Wu's vibrant presence when he spoke during Dharma Master Cheng Yen's visit to Taichung in August last year. He said: "I am very fortunate to have those who love me and those that I love beside me through these trying times." Earlier in February last year, Dr. Wu discovered he had a rare glial cell tumor in his brain, with a probability of occurrence of one in fifty thousand. He remarked: "Since I got it, almost no one outside this circle of fifty thousand would. It's nearly impossible." At that moment, we all thought Dr. Wu had overcome it! His wisdom and generous love were still vividly apparent, so how could he be gone?

Children who have received cochlear implants and colleagues from the ENT department join together to sing "Hear My Thanks." | Photo by Zhao-Xiong Lin | Taichung, Taiwan | 2023/10/14

At the age of 51, in the prime of life, Dr. Wu had a flourishing career as a compassionate medical professional in front of him. He had so many children waiting for him to help them experience a new life of hearing. Friends and classmates of Dr. Wu paid tribute through music and words, creating a heartwarming yet somber atmosphere. Several children who had regained their hearing thanks to Dr. Wu held the mascot of the "Speech and Hearing Cochlear Implant Center" of the Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital and sang "Hear My Thanks."

"If a registry of 'special talents' existed, I envisioned sharing joy with the scholarly Dr. Wu. How could he leave us?" With tears in her eyes, my daughter lamented after the memorial service.

Thank you, Dr. Wu. You painted a colorful bridge in my daughter's life. Thank you for constructing a bridge to enable impaired children to hear the beauty of the world. Although your carefree figure is no longer with us, you will forever exist in the world of over three hundred children who hear today because of you. We give you our endless gratitude and blessings, may you rest in peace.